is currently experiencing technical difficulties and will be undergoing a redesign in the near future.  If you are interested in signing up for a class, or have any questions regarding the training, please call me at 417-350-2155 or send an email to tom@tomfoodsafe.  As a reminder, classes in Springfield will be held the first Wednesday of each month, and in Branson the third Monday of each month.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

There are regularly scheduled classes with training and exam conducted on the same day each month in Springfield and Branson.  You can sign up for any of these classes on the Class Sign Up page.

Additional classes will be offered throughout the year, so please be sure to check back often.  

Cash and checks are the only accepted payment options.  Sorry, but I cannot accept credit cards.  Invoicing is available for corporate accounts.

If you have people to train and a location to hold the class, I can come to your location.  The amount of people and distance from Nixa MO will determine the cost of the class.

Call Tom at 417-350-2155 or email him at

Tom Food Safe is proud to partner with Mark Price, president of Price Hospitality Group.  Mark Price is the Chief Nutrition Office of the Senior Age Area Agency on Aging, president of the SWC Missouri Restaurant Association from 2019 to 2022 and a Chef Member of the American Culinary Federation.  Mark is also a Certified ServSafe Instructor, Certified HACCP Plan Developer, and Certified Event Planner with the International Society of Meeting Planners.  Mark is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on restaurant management and food safety.  I have known and worked with Mark for 20 years.  For Mark’s assistance please visit his website,, or call him at 1-888-888-6705.

Welcome to Tom Food Safe LLC, the recommended ServSafe® Managers Certification instructor for the Southwest Missouri region by the Missouri Restaurant Association. Tom Food Safe has over 2o years of experience in the restaurant industry and recognizes the potential problems that can arise from preparing unsafe food. Make sure to protect yourself, and your customers, by signing up for a Tom Food Safe ServSafe® Manager class today.

How to prepare for the class

  1. Read at least chapters 2 and 3 of the Federal Food Code.
  2. Go to and take the practice ServSafe test.
    1. To find the these practice tests, search youtube under ServSafe.  There are many different options for you to choose from.

Why should you choose Tom Food Safe?

Tom McCord, owner and instructor, has been teaching ServSafe® Manager Certification Training since 2002.  Prior to teaching ServSafe®, Tom spent 21 years in the Air Force, retiring as the Non-commissioned Officer in Charge of Disaster Preparedness.  After retiring from the Air Force, he was a manager at Piccadilly for six years.  Following his time at Piccadilly, Tom worked for the food distributor Springfield Grocer Company for 15 years as their Chemical and Beverage Specialist, and as their ServSafe® instructor.

Using real world examples from multiple perspectives of the food industry, Tom Food Safe not only teaches your employees the “what” but also the “why” of food safety. They then can use and apply this knowledge to ensure that the food that leaves your kitchen is as safe as possible.

With ever increasing costs in the food industry, Tom Food Safe recognizes that you need to find ways to save money.  He also understands the position that managers are in regarding food safety and its impact on their business, not the least of which is food cost and how safety can impact it.  Tom Food Safe offers very competitive pricing for ServSafe® training. If you would like to learn more about this food safety training you can contact Tom at (417)350-2155 or at Tom Food Safe also uses a one-day class as opposed to a multi-day class. This means that your people will be trained, tested, and ready to apply what they learned the next day.

In addition to the regularly scheduled classes, Tom Food Safe can also provide a private ServSafe® class for your organization. If you would be interested in a private ServSafe® class for your organization, please call or e-mail Tom Food Safe for more details.