Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose ServSafe?

ServSafe is the most recognized food safety training in the country.  It is recognized in all fifty states and all provinces of Canada.  Additionally, the ServSafe Manager Certification training will meet the requirement of the food code that states that a person certified in food safety must be on premises at all times.

Why should I choose Tom Food Safe?

With over 21 years in the restaurant industry, as both a manager and working for a distributor, Tom Food Safe knows about all aspects of working in a kitchen, so he can make sure that your employees get the information in a way that is easy to understand for the test and apply when they return work, that they need to prepare food safely.

What can I expect from the class?

The ServSafe Managers Certification class is scheduled from 9 AM until 5 PM or from 1 PM to 8 PM.  The way the class is divided is that the first four hours are lecture, then a break. When you come back from the break there will be a review session, and then the test.  Once your employee has completed the test they are free to leave.  When you come to the class, everything will be provided for you.  Your employees will not have to buy a book, one will be provided for them at the class (although they cannot take it with them).  The cost of the class also includes the test and answer sheet.

What do I need for the class?

You must have a photo ID and an active e-mail address.  If you do not have an active e-mail address, you must create one before the class so you can then create an account on the ServSafe website to print off your certificate.

What should I study for the class?

One of the best things that can prepare you is to study the FDA Food Code, specifically the knowledge section (found here).  The knowledge section of the federal food code gives you the information you are required to know to run a retail food establishment.  The ServSafe® food safety training class you will be taking will allow you to answer those questions and all this information is provided in the food code.  The best thing to study are the food codes you are bound by, including the federal, state, and local food code.

What is the grade needed to pass?

To pass the ServSafe Manager Certification test, you must score at least a 75%.

What happens after the class?

After the class, it generally takes around ten business days for the scores of the class to be posted on the ServSafe website and your certificates are ready to be printed.  At that point, you will be able to print off your certificate from the ServSafe website.  To print off your certificate, you need to go to the ServSafe website and create an account with the information that was provided to you at the class.  Under the Students tab, click Check Your Exam Score.  After the scores have been posted, click the My Account button at the top of the page, then click on My Certificates to print off your certificates.  If you need ServSafe to mail you a certificate, you can also do so from the My Account page, however, they will charge you a fee.  Please be advised that you MUST use Internet Explorer, as the ServSafe website does not work with Safari, Chrome, or other web browsers.

Where are the regularly scheduled classes?

There are at least fiveclasses every month.  There is a class the first and third Wednesday of every month at the Sleep Inn on El Camino Alto on Campbell in Springfield Missouri.  There is another class the third Monday of every month at the Golden Corral across from the Imax in Branson Missouri.  There is a third monthly class the first Monday and third Thursday of each month in Joplin Missouri at the Candlewood Suites on Rangeline Rd.   The first Springfield and Joplin classes, and the class in Branson start at 9 AM.  The second classes in Springfield and Joplin start at 1 PM.  You can find a full class schedule on the class calendar, or you can click here.  In addition to these classes, there will be other open classes throughout the year, so make sure to check back often for these classes.

How can I schedule a class for my organization?

You will need two things for a private class for your organization.  You will need at least ten people for the class, as well as a location to hold the class.  The price of the class is determined based on how many people you have scheduled, as well as how far your organization is from Springfield Missouri.  These classes are built for you, therefore we are able to start whenever it is convient for you and your employees.  If you need a private class for your organization, feel free to call me at (417)350-2155, e-mail me, or use the contact form on this website.