About the Instructor

Tom McCord has been teaching ServSafe® Managers Certification since 2002.  Prior to teaching ServSafe®, Tom spent 21 years in the Air Force, beginning as an air traffic controller and retiring as Non-commissioned Officer in Charge of disaster preparedness.  After retiring from the Air Force, Tom started his career in food service management with Shoneys, then spent six years as a manager with Piccadilly Cafeterias.  Following his employment with Piccadilly Cafeterias, Tom worked for the food distributor Springfield Grocer Company for over 15 years as a Chemical/Beverage manager and as their ServSafe® instructor.

Tom believes learning occurs best when the student can relate what is being taught to the actual working environment.  His goal is to teach not only the “what” of food safety, but also the “why”, and his interactive teaching style reflects this goal.

Tom understands food safety because he has worked in the food industry as both a manager and a distributor.  He understands the position that managers are in regarding food safety and its impact on their business, not the least of which is food cost and how safety can impact it.  Tom brings his experience to the classroom providing quality, effective training at an affordable cost.